Over the years, I had some quarrels with The Cheerful Destructive Character (bowing his head to Walter Benjamin) about political theory and philosophy of technology, which you can find below.

On Being Left After Repression
An intense discussion about the state of left political theory and the absence of technology from it.
Download here: BunzCDC Being Left After Repression X.

On Affirmation and Critique
A short discussion of Deleuze and Critique in digital times for a workshop at the University of Utrecht.
Download here: BunzCDC_AffirmantionAndCritique X.

On Ethics of Technology after the Emergence of Being Hybrid
A short discussion about Sylvia Wynter and the issues with being hybridly human while living in today’s technical realities for a workshop at Penn State University.
Download here:BunzCDC_EthicsOfTechnology X.

On Leaving Societies
Download here BunzCDC_OnLeavingSocieties X.