Let’s explore the conditions of this annoying world: Terra Critica is an international research network of humanities scholars focussing on critical and cultural theory and bringing together theorists as well as practicioners in education, activism and the arts. Its aim is to reexamine central topics of critique under the conditions of the 21st century – given that we find ourselves globally entangled across flows of capital, people, and ideas as well as living in ecological and economical multidependences.

Since several years, we now board trains and planes to come together to meet up and discuss this urgent question. At times, the work results in a book -> Symptoms of our Planetary Conditions: A Critical Vocabulary.

My contribution here: I wrote about the term technology, but also about work and the biggest challenge of it all: capital (which was a little bit overwhelming). If your curious, please just download your PDF here. Published with meson press, the book is available open access and therefore free for you to download. Go ahead!