Beware of British humour: in the era, in which creativity has become an important business skill, artist Grayson Perry explores and discusses cheerfully what happens to art. The occasion is this great format: the BBC Reith Lectures.

It’s a lecture well worth listening to. It seems about time that we not only discuss the shift happening to creativity but also to art (you can listen and even download it for your way here or here). Oh, and if you are interested in technology, don’t miss Grayson’s response at minute 38.50. In the Q&A author Will Self hints that art is threatened by technology and waves Walter Benjamin’s “Art in the age of mechnical reproduction” around. But Perry finds a way to escape.

PS: Regarding the GCHQ & NSA surveillance, it is quite interesting to find in the BBC Reith Lecture Archive one of former Director General of the security service MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller. In 2011, she spoke on: “Freedom”. 


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