How are we to intervene in contemporary constellations of capitalism and climate change? The role of critical theory today is what we explore in this book written by members of the network Terra Critica I am part of. Since several years, we now board trains and planes to come together to discuss this urgent question for several days. And our work now results in this book -> Symptoms of our Planetary Conditions: A Critical Vocabulary.

Of course, I wrote about the term technology, but also about work and the biggest challenge of it all: capital (which was a little bit overwhelming). If your curious, please just download your PDF here. Published with meson press, the book is available open access and therefore free for you to download. And as every book needs its book launch here we go:

When: Friday 7 July, 1.45-2.15pm
Where: Utrecht University, Drift 21, Main Hall

The reason why it is in Utrecht, is not only because it is the founding place of Terra Critica but also because the network is preparing to have a small meeting at the upcoming ACLA conference in Utrecht – so make sure to come by if you in town. And everyone interested, curious or concerned, please download!
























































































































































the relationship of critique Critique, this difficult and broad, word that can be bend into too many directions,


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