IoT hidingTo be continued: Graham and me wrote this book about the internet of things, in which we discuss artificial intelligence making things see (self-driving cars, object recognition) and speak (from Alexa and Siri to Microsoft’s failed fascist chatbot Tay). We also look into the effects of things being connected thereby creating sensing networks that enter further into our everyday lives. I quite enjoyed to the co-writing. The more I am very happy that we have started to plan another project, looking at conversational interfaces, our new non-human companions.

To be honest, I am still amazed about the fact that we accepted without much further ado to speak with things. I mean, for thousands of years we only spoke with other living beings. The more I look forward to learn about our new dialogues, and to understand the alien subjectivies that our Alexas, Siris and OK, Googles throw at us.


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